Friendly Reminder: Don’t Get a Super Bowl Tattoo Until Your Team Actually Wins the Super Bowl

I love a good premature celebration. I thrived when the Oscars accidentally told the cast of La La Land that they won over Moonlight and had to redact the award on stage. I was there for it when Steve Harvey told Miss Colombia (and the rest of the world) that she won Miss Universe when it was actually Miss Philippines who took the crown. Situations like this create the perfect storm of awkwardness and tension, and I eat it up.

Despite this, I just can’t support anyone getting a tattoo for their team, when they are not yet a winning team. It’s one thing to have a deep-seated trust in your team. It’s another thing to take this blind trust to a whole new level by permanently plastering your own stupidity on your body.

Take, for example, this unlucky fan who probably spent $50 on a tattoo and definitely jinxed the crap out of his team:

Or this guy, whose official plan is to spend all of 2018 hoping that the Patriots will win next year’s Super Bowl LIII so he can casually add another roman numeral to the end of his “LII” tattoo:

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And how sad is this guy’s life, now that he has to keep his shirt on for all of eternity even though he likely lives in one of America’s hottest states:

Hats off to this superfan, who officially counted his Eagles before they hatched:

There are no bad tattoos—only extremely inaccurate ones. If you’re dedicated to living with a permanent oversight on your body, go for it. But if you’d rather not have misinformation printed on your person for all of eternity, we might suggest that you wait until the game is over before you splurge on some ink.

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