Meet Your New WCW, Tatted-Up US Olympic Speed Skater Brittany Bowe

American Olympian Brittany Bowe is cooler than you, me, and sliced bread combined. The athlete has played numerous sports throughout her life and excelled at them all. She’s won 32 medals for inline speed skating at both junior and senior levels, and took that skill to ice in 2010. Between 2013 and 2016, she won nine medals and broke three world records.

Oh, and she’s Team USA’s only publicly out LGBTQ woman. She’s currently dating Manon Kamminga, an inline skater from the Netherlands.

Rompin' around Amsterdam

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So far in the 2018 Olympics, she’s finished fourth in the 1,000-meter race, garnering the best individual finish by a US woman since 2002. This on its own is impressive, but Bowe is doing all of this after suffering numerous complications from a concussion she sustained after colliding with a teammate in 2016.

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Now for the tats. Under her skin-tight uniform, she rocks a massive “Stairway to Heaven” tattoo on her side. Her grandmother’s rosary, which she claims to always have in her backpack for good luck, can be seen wrapped around her hands in the piece. Here she is getting the piece at a tattoo shop in Salt Lake City:

She also has an owl on the inside of her left arm, which isn’t some tribute to her time at Florida Atlantic University, but actually just exists because she likes owls


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Outside of being a world-renowned athlete and having some kickass ink, Brittany is just a normal Florida girl who likes electronic music, spending time outdoors, and following the NFL. She says being an athlete is in her blood, and her personal motto is “perfect practice makes perfect.” Check out some more photos of this All-American inspiration, and let me know when you fall in love with her, if you haven’t already.

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