Protip: Maybe Don’t Get a Memorable Face Tattoo If You’re Going to Rob People at Gunpoint

Every person on Earth is an individual with unique opinions and values. This is a big reason why body modification is so popular; people like be nonconformists by flaunting their own personal style. Tattoos are a great way to separate yourself from the crowd—which is exactly why we’re scratching our heads that an outlaw actively running from the cops didn’t think his distinctive face tattoo would be an issue.

A man from Oklahoma walked up to a woman at a gas pump without so much as a ski mask and pulled out a gun before robbing her of $120. The victim, a regularly functioning human with eyesight, was able to tell cops that the suspect had a large tattoo down the side of his face. She later easily picked him out of a lineup because of said ink, and everything was right again in the world.

Oddly enough, this is something we’ve seen time and time again. Just earlier this month, Houston police were asking the public’s help finding a man with a tattoo of his social security number on the center of his forehead. It really cracks me up thinking about the cops who initially hear reports like these and think, “Welp, shouldn’t be too difficult to find this guy.”

We are of the firm belief that any tattoo can be a good tattoo. If you want a face tattoo, more power to you. Just don’t rob people and think no one will be able to track you down to pay the piper.

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