Woman Gets Temporary “No Ragrets” Henna Tattoo, Experiences Several Ragrets When It Won’t Go Away

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation, anything goes. That’s kind of the whole point—you’re supposed to take that time to get weird and do things you would never do in the comfort of your own zip code.

One Texas woman fully embodied this mantra on a recent trip to Mexico, when she decided to say screw it and get a black henna tat. If you’ve ever gotten a henna tattoo, you’re probably rolling your eyes right now. Henna should never be black. In fact, the FDA warns against black henna tattoos, as they oftentimes cause dangerous skin reactions. You can probably guess how this all went down for her.

The woman quickly realized that tattoo wasn’t budging, and now lives with a giant, no longer ironic “NO RAGRETS” tattoo across her chest. This whole scenario was a whole lot funnier when Jason Sudeikis was involved and we all had the assurance that the tattoo was a product of some well-done production makeup.

The moral of this story: Skip the henna and come to Platinum Ink instead.

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